Curriculum features include:

Demystification of fraud and corruption

Fraud Detective exercises

The Human Side

From 2000 years ago, and the Walls we Build to try and keep fraud out

Bribes, Embezzlement and Dirty Money

How to outsmart the fraudsters by learning to “Think like a Thief”

Defending your organisation

Nigel Krishna Iyer

A Fraud Investigator, Chartered Accountant, 1980’s Computer Scientist, Dramatist, Filmmaker and Author, Nigel has for over a quarter of a century assisted in early detection and removal of the fraud and corruption and its harmful effects..

More than anything, Nigel desires that everyone learns to see, spot and remove the enormous toxic costs due to fraud and corruption, making fraud detection and awareness the skills of the many, rather than the protected turf of the elite few. In 2005, he embarked on a journey together with fraud analytics guru, John Wallhoff to develop a pre-crime fraud search engine today known as “B4”, which consists of a compact set of algorithms and methodology to help every organisation detect and eradicate fraud.

Sophy Ponsonby-Smythe

Sophy is a Fraud Detective Avatar created by John Wallhoff and Nigel Iyer. She draws knowledge from a wealth of other talented fraud detectives and investigators over time.

Sophy embodies a heathy curiosity, attention to detail, passion and tenacity, qualities which we all have and can develop further in our role as aspiring fraud detectives. To put it simply, everyone who wants to find and eradicate the waste caused by fraud, can be a fraud detective. In other words, “we can all be Sophy”.

Price: £50

Gain a practical and working knowledge of how to identify fraud and help eradicate it

  • Language English
  • Duration 90 minutes minimum
  • Navigation to the course
  • Micro lectures between 2 – 5 minutes
  • Quizzes and questions after each lecture
  • Formal assessment
  • Key take away summaries
  • Completion certificate

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